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I started going to Marjorie  in December of 2012 for a horrible bout of vertigo. Upon my first visit, I told her about my history of chronic ear, throat and sinus infections. I had been getting them every six weeks! I also suffered from frequent kidney stones and upper urinary tract infections. Immediately Marjorie told me that I would need a change in my diet, including the complete elimination of {certain everyday foods}. Desperate for an answer, I complied. 
Before long, my vertigo cleared up, and I haven't had a sinus, throat or ear infection in the last 3 years! I also very rarely get kidney stones and when I do, they are not as painful as they had been before being treated.

Tara F.

I sought Marjorie's help at first three years ago for reproductive health.  Although the last thing I expected was for her to change my diet, her dietary recommendations were some of the first that she made to me.  Although no one likes to cut foods that they enjoy out of their diet, I am so very glad that I did!  Altering my diet made dramatic improvements in my health, not just in the domain of reproductive health, but in other ways that I would never have expected.  Health issues that I had just accepted as "part of me" were no longer problematic due to the changes Marjorie asked me to make.  I had just believed I would always have acne, but the dietary changes fixed that.  I thought I would always have a hard time with digestion (gas, constipation, etc.), but those were the first issues to go after changing how I ate.   Marjorie was not only able to help fix the problem for which I had sought her help, but many more in a VERY short period of time. I could not believe how much better I felt and how vastly improved my general health was and still is

Hillary T.

After years of suffering from migraines, acne and digestive problems, I was referred from many of my coworkers to go see Marjorie for help. I would often get migraines 3 times a week, the type where the only cure is sleep, being in the dark and just waiting for it to pass. I had a hard time at work because they would make me nauseous and have blurred vision. As for my acne, since the age of 16 I had skin issues which really didn't help with my self confidence. I was also getting very bad bloating caused by bad digestion. Three problems I do not wish upon anyone and made my day to day life very uncomfortable. I started seeing Marjorie twice a month, the first thing we went through was my eating habits, in my opinion the hardest thing to change. She told me to immediately eliminate {certain of my favourite foods}! But i was determined to be cured so I did everything she told me to. Changing my diet completely changed my life. It's a sacrifice but definitely worth it! I am human so I do cheat sometimes but it comes with a price. :) All this to say with Marjorie's suggestions with diet and acupressure she has saved my life. I am migraine free, acne free and I digest food properly. I've got my life back in someway.

Nikki D.