About Us

Marjorie Silcoff is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine branches of Acupressure, Dietetics and Moxabustion, with over 12 years of clinical experience in private practice. She has worked extensively with sufferers of migraines, insomnia, anxiety, digestive disturbances and emotional difficulties and many kinds of pain. She also works with the flower essences and guided meditation to help heal trauma and abuse. She taught TCM theory and Acupressure at NHC Institute and Ecole Setsuko, where she currently teaches the clinic level of the Acupressure program and Flower Essences workshop. She leads the workshops, gives lectures, takes the Emotions cases  and makes the recommendations.



Ciaran Winter is a vibrational healer with a background in music. Beloved father of 4, and NDG's favourite Irishman. He is a great communicator and has a unique gift with connection. Ciaran does the Dietetics case intake and oversees email support.